The 2023 Tax Season Has Begun

Get a closer look at IRS information and resources available to help taxpayers prepare and file their tax return.
The 2023 tax season has officially begun, and the IRS has provided helpful tips to ensure accurate filing of your tax return. Visit the official IRS website to access valuable resources and guidance that will assist you in navigating the tax filing process. Stay informed and make sure your return is filed correctly with the assistance of these IRS-provided tips.

Get to know the IRS, its people and the issues that affect taxpayers.
During the past 37 years working at the IRS, I’ve had an insider’s view on what happens to a person’s tax return after they file. As I’ve moved through my IRS career and become commissioner of the area that oversees filing season, I’ve seen first-hand some easy, important steps that people can take to help get their refunds as quickly as possible and avoid potential delays as well as follow-up questions.