Business travelers should check out these deductions

Business travelers should check out these deductions before hitting the road

Many people travel for their job — some for an occasional conference and some travel year-round. Whatever their time on the road, business travelers should know how and when to deduct business travel expenses.

What to know about tax deductions for business travel

Business travel deductions are available for certain people who travel away from their home or main place of work for business reasons. A taxpayer is traveling away from home if they are away for longer than an ordinary day's work and they need to sleep in a location other than their home to meet the demands of their work while away.
Travel expenses must be ordinary and necessary. They can't be lavish, extravagant or for personal purposes.
Employers can deduct travel expenses paid or incurred during a temporary work assignment if the assignment is less than one year.
Travel expenses for conventions are deductible if attending them benefits the business. There are special rules for conventions held outside of North America.